Diana’s gift for Prince William’s 13th birthday left him Surprised

When she offered her son Prince William a risqué surprise for his birthday, Princess Diana was claimed to have left him “bright crimson.”

Darren McGrady, the family’s former head chef, told Hello! that the late Princess of Wales had a special cake prepared for the Duke of Cambridge, which made him quite humiliated.

“I arrived into work that morning and walked down to the refrigerator,” he explained.

“I opened the door and was met with the largest pair of [expletive] I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“For William’s 13th birthday, the Princess had ordered a [expletive] cake.”

“William has turned bright red.”

While Prince William was noticeably flushed, The Daily Mail stated that Prince Harry adored it and that Diana wished she could have one.

Diana, according to the former chef, enjoyed pranking others, including her children.

“The Princess loved embarrassing people in the kindest way,” he explained.

“In a lighthearted approach, such as cracking a nasty, risqué joke – which typically got me.”

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