Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Apr 4, 2022 – Apr 10, 2022 – Get ready to do some serious hustling over the next four weeks when Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday. With Venus in your career zone, you’re ready to work hard to achieve your dreams. Use your increased intuition to help fulfill your ambitions sooner than expected.

However, don’t let your climb to the top stop you from thinking about the greater good when Mercury in Aries forms a sextile with Mars in Aquarius on Friday. Make some positive changes in your community, from picking up groceries for your neighbor to speaking up at your city council meeting. Be the change!

Think before you speak over the next couple of weeks once Mercury enters Taurus and your privacy zone on Sunday. Keep your sharp mind to yourself as you deliberately consider every thought before talking. Shooting off your mouth could be your undoing, Gemini, especially if you’re keeping important secrets.

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