Leo Weekly Horoscope

Apr 11, 2022 – Apr 17, 2022 – Tuesday brings an extra dose of maturity and culture when the sun in Aries forms a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect is helping you learn, grow, and become more of an adult. Seek out mature relationships that fit with your new personal growth, Leo.

Then start making some serious emotional changes to your life when Mars enters Pisces on Thursday. With Mars in your intimacy zone for the next six weeks, your feelings could become more complex and hard to untangle. As you take care of your own mental health, make sure you donate money and time to those in need.

Finally, the full moon is in Libra and your communication zone on Saturday, so spend the day crossing off lingering errands on your to-do list. If you still can’t find the motivation, invite a friend to tag along with you. Everything’s better with a partner in crime.

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