US Behind The “Threat Letter” Says, PM In A Slip Of The Tongue

In much of the public anticipation regarding the ”threat letter”, Imran Khan discloses the letter to be sent by the US. In a slip of tongue, then correcting his statement by adding ‘ from outside ‘. He further added that this conspiracy was not just against him ( Imran Khan ), but also against his nation. He assured the public that “they” knew about the vote of confidence before it came. 

PM’s speech has become the top trending news on Twitter. It has sparked mixed views from the supporters of PTI and the opposition calling an allegation without proof on national television. The letter was not displayed on the screen. Prior to the promise, he made a rally on the parade ground in Islamabad.

In a self-evident way, he cleared all the mishaps of his collapse of the government. Saying he will not lose hope and keep on fighting for his people. Nonetheless, he reminded the public of the struggle he had faced while entering into politics. Leaving a privileged life and being considered for the Pakistanis. He makes the public clear about his eminent endeavor and makes it clear he will not bow down to the corrupt mafia. He further added he will come stronger on the day of the vote of confidence. 

In many of the reasons he gave. He referred to the ‘threat letter “was issued to him ( Imran Khan ) as due to his visit to Russia. To which he responded the other countries were also going. What we have done? Extensively on foreign policy, he referred to his neutrality over foreign policy. He further spelled out he always opposed Pakistan’s participation in the war on terror. He said, we lost our soldiers and got nothing in return except our reputation of being part of the war. Neither did the USA ever acknowledge the massive number of soldiers losing their lives. 

A notification from the White House has debunked the allegations of a ‘threat letter” conveyed to the PM. The spurn got White House Communications, Director Kate Bedingfield to reject Imran Khan’s allegation. She said, “absolutely no truth to that allegation’. US State Department has also rejected PM’s blame on the US for removing him from the position, referring to it as “baseless’’ 

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